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Graphic Design

The Graphic Design course aims at training qualified professionals who can work in the fields of graphic design, visual communication and specialized publishing, responding to the demand of a complex productive system requiring adequately skilled operators with solid cultural-artistic foundations. The goal of the course is to form creative designers with technical and theoretical competence to properly manage the dynamics of design in visual and expressive communication, through the implementation of traditional media, also in relation with new media and the use of new technologies.

Graduates must:

  • possess adequate technical and operational competence in relation to the areas of research and experimentation in graphic design and visual communication;
  • have skills in the practice of traditional technological methods as well as in the new digital and multimedia methods introduced by the markets of information technology and communication;
  • possess appropriate methodological and critical instruments for the acquisition of expertise enabling the realization of projects and installations related to the experimentation of new artistic and visual languages;
  • be able to express themselves and obtain information in a foreign European language;
  • be able to integrate IT skills in the creative process.
Career opportunities

Graduates can perform professional activities in various fields, either as freelancers or as employees in the visual communication industry. Job opportunities can be manifold:

  • Graphic Designer in advertising agencies, publishing companies, graphic and design studios
  • Collaborator of public and private institutions for the communication of events
  • Web Designer
  • Personal Artistic Experimentation.


First year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABTEC38 IT for Graphics 6 T/L
ABPR15 Metodologia della progettazione 1 6 T/L
ABST47 History of modern art 6 T
ABPR32 Graphic design 1 12 T/L
ABPR31 Fotografia 1 6 T/L
ABPR19 Progettazione grafica 6 T/L
ABAV1 Illustrazione scientifica 6 T/L
ABLIN71 Inglese 1 4 T
second year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABST47 Storia dell'arte contemporanea 1 6 T
ABST48 History of applied arts 6 T
ABPR32 Graphic design 2 12 T/L
ABTEC43 Video editing 8 T/L
ABPR32 Lettering 6 T/L
ABPR32 Web Design 1 6 T/L
ABST58 Theory of perception and psychology of form 6 T
ABLIN71 Inglese 2 4 T
third year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABTEC38 Computer Graphic 6 T/L
ABST47 Storia dell'arte contemporanea 2 6 T
ABPR32 Graphic Design 3 12 T/L
ABPR17 Design 6 T/L
ABPR32 Packaging 6 T/L
ABPR32 Web Design 2 6 T/L
ABAV2 Printmaking techniques – Graphic arts 1 8 T/L
Electives 14
final exam for triennium 10
fourth year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABPR31 Photography 8 T/L
ABPC65 Phenomenology of media 6 T
ABST47 Storia dell'arte contemporanea 3 6 T
ABPR19 Grafica multimediale 10 T/L
ABPR19 Graphic design 4 10 T/L
ABTEC38 Tecniche di animazione digitale 8 T/L
ABPR17 Project culture 6 T/L
fifth year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABTEC38 Videografica 8 T/L
ABST47 History of contemporary art 4 6 T
ABTEC37 Art Direction 10 T/L
ABPR19 Graphic design 5 10 T/L
ABPR19 Web Design 3 8 T/L
Electives 12
final exam biennium 12