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Contemporary Sacred Art

In addition to providing the traditional instruments required for the professional profile of the designer and decorator in Sacred Art, the course for the attainment of a Bachelor degree in Contemporary Sacred Art has the purpose of forming qualified and active competences in the field of revaluation and transformation of sacred and public spaces into new terms of expression.

These skills can be employed for decorative and aesthetic rehabilitation of urban environments and areas in public buildings, spaces in religious environments, both indoor and outdoor locations, for the recovery of a welcoming and aggregating dimension. In this redefinition and re-elaboration of space and territory, thanks to the skills of professionals trained specifically for the purpose, places thus re-qualified both aesthetically and in terms of expression, can undertake a new discourse and a new dialogue with the community, such that might recapture historical memory and stratification, where present.

To this end, students must develop, in addition to traditional skills, sufficient proficiency in designing techniques so as to be able to put forward new ways for enjoyment and conscious re-appropriation of public spaces through the use of digital, multimedia and interactive technology.

At the same time, in this course of studies, theoretical and practical foundations of conventional techniques and artistic methods will not be neglected, so as to allow professional practice in the more traditional areas of decoration and restoration of sacred interiors, therefore including skills to properly interact with organizations and institutions willing to undertake decorating, recovery and re-qualification activities.

In this sense, the area of Frosinone and Ciociaria, depositary of historical memory and secular art, lends itself to extensive work on its territory, with resulting recovery, development, and even promotion and communication of its own expressive and cultural potential.

Graduates of this academic course will be able to carry out activities in several fields: in collaboration with various organizations and institutions requiring their professional skills in the painting, sculpture or decorative fields, either to be applied to traditional areas or aimed at new interventions; and as enterprising, freelance professionals in the arts, aware of tradition but trained in the most innovative techniques of language, such as those involving information technology, instruments used to devise real interventions for the recovery and re-qualification of spaces as well as cultural operations in collaboration with government agencies and private ones.

First year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABAV3 Drawing 1 6 T/L
ABPR15 Metodologia della progettazione 1 6 T/L
ABST47 History of modern art 6 T
ABAV11 Contemporary Sacred Decoration Methods and Techniques 1 12 T/L
ABPR21 Modeling 8 T/L
ABAV13 Plastica ornamentale 1 6 T/L
ABAV12 Materials and techniques Mod. (A) 6 T/L
ABTEC44 Sound space design 8 T/L
ABLIN71 Inglese 1 4 T
second year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABAV1 Iconography and Anatomical Drawing 6 T/L
ABST47 Storia dell'arte contemporanea 1 6 T
ABAV11 Contemporary Sacred Decoration Methods and Techniques 2 12 T/L
ABAV12 Ceramics and techniques 8 T/L
ABAV12 Mosaic techniques 6 T/L
ABPR23 Lighting engineering 8 T/L
ABTEC38 IT for Graphics 6 T/L
ABAV5 Fresco Methodology and Techniques 1 6 T/L
third year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABST47 Storia dell'arte contemporanea 2 6 T
ABAV11 Contemporary Sacred Decoration Methods and Techniques 3 12 T/L
ABPR31 Direction of photography 8 T/L
ABAV12 Glass window techniques 6 T/L
ABAV13 Contemporary plastic tecniques Mod. (A) 4 T/L
Electives 10
final exam triennium 12