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Communication and promotion of artistic heritage

The two-year course of studies for the attainment of a second level Academic Diploma in Communication and Promotion of Artistic Heritage aims at training specialized professionals in the field of cultural heritage, with dedicated skills in museum education and all aspects of management, promotion and enhancement of artistic heritage.

Graduates will be able to use any kind of communicative approach - technical, creative, multi-media - useful to promote and spread the knowledge of cultural heritage, thus playing an important role in forming specific and conscious awareness of cultural heritage. Traineeships or internships at institutions responsible for the management of cultural heritage are integral to the course.

Graduates must:

  • have adequate technical - operational training in the methods and contents of artistic production, communication and promotion;
  • possess the appropriate methodological and critical means for the acquisition of knowledge in techniques and artistic poetics, both ancient and contemporary, in order to improve understanding and increase awareness in all age groups and in consideration of variety in cultural backgrounds;
  • be able to effectively use at least one European language besides their mother tongue, both in their main field of competence and in the exchange of general information;
  • possess computer knowledge and IT communication skills in the specific areas of competence.
Career opportunities

Graduates will be qualified to work as cultural operators both in the public and the private sector, in particular in the management of all aspects of museum education and communication (either independently or in collaboration with the relevant public officials), in the organization of workshops and educational tours for exhibitions and permanent collections, the organization and setting-up of all kinds of artistic events, the management of all activities related to communication and promotion of artistic events or cultural heritage and collaborations with Superintendents of public or private institutions for the cataloging and preservation of artistic heritage.


First year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABPR31 Fotografia 1 6 T/L
ABST47 Storia dell'arte antica 6 T
ABST47 Storia dell'arte medievale 6 T
ABVPA63 Museologia e storia del collezionismo 8 T
ABVPA61 Cultural and Environmental Heritage 6 T
ABLE70 Legislazione beni culturali 6 T
ABST59 Didattica per il museo 1 8 T/L
ABLIN71 Inglese 1 4 T
second year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABPR16 Drawing for designing 6 T/L
ABST47 Elementi di iconologia e iconografia 6 T
ABST47 Storia dell'arte contemporanea 1 6 T
ABST47 History of modern art 6 T
ABVPA62 Comunicazione e valorizzazione delle collezioni museali 8 T/L
ABVPA64 Museography 8 T/L
ABVPA62 Metodi archiviazione e conservazione dell'arte digitale 6 T
ABST59 Didattica per il museo 2 8 T/L
ABLIN71 Inglese 2 4 T
third year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABST46 Aesthetics 6 T
ABPR16 Fondamenti di disegno informatico (autocad) 6 T/L
ABST47 Storia dell'arte contemporanea 2 6 T
ABVPA64 Exhibition space setup 8 T/L
ABVPA64 Comunicazione espositiva 1 8 T/L
ABVPA63 Museologia del contemporaneo 8 T/L
ABPC66 Storia della fotografia 6 T
Electives 14
final exam for triennium 10
fourth year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABPR15 Methodology of design 6 T/L
ABST47 Storia dell'arte contemporanea 3 6 T
ABVPA63 Museologia e gestione dei sistemi espositivi 12 T/L
ABVPA61 Catalogazione e gestione degli archivi 8 T/L
ABLE70 Economia e mercato dell'arte 6 T
ABTEC37 Methodology of design for visual communication 6 T/L
ABVPA64 Progettazione di allestimenti Mod. (A) 6 T/L
ABVPA64 Progettazione di allestimenti Mod. (B) 4 T/L
fifth year
code Subject academic credits type Teacher
ABST47 History of contemporary art 4 6 T
ABVPA64 Comunicazione espositiva 12 T/L
ABTEC40 Multimedia for cultural heritage 10 T/L
ABPR31 Photography for cultural heritage 8 T/L
ABLE70 Diritto dell'informazione e della comunicazione digitale 6 T
Electives 10
final exam biennium 12